Gambero Rosso: best organic chickpeas

The ranking:

Rich in starches, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. They help control blood cholesterol.

They are inexpensive and versatile, to be used in salads, soups, creams, mousses and velvety soups, to make meatballs, croquettes, vegan burgers and omelettes, traditional and ethnic recipes.

These are some of the pluses of chickpeas, an alternative source of protein to those of animal origin, especially when combined with whole grains. We offer them ready-made for you to enjoy in a ranking.
The best product in all its expressions. Visual perfection: uniform grains, intact and clothed in clear, shiny color. Aroma evocative of good cooked chickpea, with its characteristic sweet vegetable notes, delicate but youthful and precise.

Taste sweet, fragrant and balanced in savoriness, fresh herbaceous aromas typical of the pulses, reminiscent of chestnut and Mediterranean scrub, enriched by a nice persisence.

Texture is another good quality of it: meaty, crunchy but soft, and with a husk that is hardly noticeable. Chickpeas that are satisfying and versatile, to be made any way you like.

The producer? Bruno Fedeli's Monte Castello organic farm, which grows them on its own land in the Macerata countryside, and to a small extent buys them from Italian organic realities, and has them processed by the Turin-based artisanal workshop Cereal Terra.