Sustainability and development


The Monte Castello company has been working for years in full and rigorous respect for the environment and biodiversity. Precisely because our raw materials are the fruits that the earth offers us, we are grateful and we believe it is essential to take care of it and respect it every day, even with simple daily gestures.

The attention we pay is not limited only to the environment and nature around us, but is also shown in a proactive attitude in the social development of the community.

Our company has in fact fully embraced the principles of sustainable development drawn up by the United Nations, which aim to achieve 17 macro-objectives in the economic, social and ecological fields by 2030.

The challenge that Monte Castello has taken on is to always seek new goals in terms of sustainable development and to achieve them, where these have not yet been consolidated in the company, trying to improve every day and contribute to the positive maintenance of our land.

The growing awareness of food, health and environmental issues requires special attention and appropriate solutions.

The company's decades-long commitment to environmentally friendly cultivation and production enables it to respond effectively to a demand that is becoming clearer year by year. Environmental protection, in the Monte Castello philosophy, is not only a necessity but a value and a duty to be pursued and passed on to new generations.

Research and development

In the countryside, innovation and research are completely entrusted to the laws of nature and its millenary experience.

In order to achieve good sowing, we use in our farming practice the seed collected the previous year, as, given its characteristics, it is the only one that allows us to obtain a fertile and abundant harvest.

Thanks to our long and skilful experience in agriculture, from year to year we are able to provide our company with more and more selected crops that are increasingly adapted to the peculiarities of the surrounding environment.

As a result, we have resistant crops, which do not require special cultivation interventions such as fertilisation, weed control and fungal treatments, and are able to give high quality productions.

Moreover, the use of innovative machinery, such as the optical sorter, allows for an increasingly accurate and meticulous selection of raw materials.