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Monte Castello

Pearl Barley

Pearl Barley

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Monte Castello pearl barley has a high nutritional value and high digestibility.

It is an effective recalcifier due to the balanced ratio between calcium and phosphorus; it has a mild sedative action thanks to the silicon and a detoxifying action in disorders of the digestive system and urinary tract. It also helps lower cholesterol.

This product contains gluten.

Tips for use:

  • No soaking necessary.
  • Rinse before use and use according to the chosen recipe.
  • Cook until desired.

Recommended cooking time:

  • In the pot: 25 min
  • In a pressure cooker: 10 min

How to store:

  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources.
  • Product subject to weight loss.

      Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g of product:


      1484 kj

      350 kcal


      of which saturated fatty acids

      1.10 g

      0.00 g


      of which sugars

      76.50 g

      0.00 g


      1.40 g


      8.40 g


      0.01 g

      Our pearl barley from integrated production: integrated production is an agricultural production system that prioritizes the use of natural resources and regulation mechanisms in partial replacement of chemicals, ensuring sustainable agriculture and a lower environmental impact.

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