Collection: Flour

The Monte Castello farm offers a line of flours that derive from the milling of our own products: pulses and cereals are stone-ground following the traditional line and thus maintaining a rich intake of natural fibres and nutrients in their nutritional values.

Our flours, being stone-ground, have an irregular grain size, with a higher presence of bran and are characterized by a appealing flavor and aroma.

Through stone grinding, the entire grain is ground without removing any part of it, and the grain itself does not undergo overheating, which results in the loss of nutrients: this is why stone-ground flours are more nutritious and balanced than industrial flours.

Our flours can be used both in the preparation of savory recipes, excellent for leavening bread and pizza or to create everyday desserts, from the simplest dry biscuits to be dipped in milk to the most refined and innovative cakes and pies.